Lorraine Jasper, Birchrunville, PA, W55

Co-founder of Athena Track Club
Events: Middle distance, road racing and cross country.

High School: Bishop Kenrick High School
Profession: Retail, Antiques, Landscaping, Instructor (Yogi and Running)
American Record W55 Outdoor mile 5:39.46 Potomac Valley, MD 2017
American Record W55 Indoor 400m 66.79Albuquerque, NM 2017
American Record W55 Outdoor 1500m 5:08.96 Perth, Australia 2016
American Record W50 Indoor 800m 2:25.95 Budapest, Hungary 2014
World Masters Outdoor Championships 800m Gold, Silver 400m and 1500m, Perth, Australia 2016
Member World Outdoor Record 4X800m relay team 2004, 2006, 2015
Member World Record 4X400m relay team 2006
Member 4X400m American Record Relays
World Masters Indoor Championships Gold 400m (New American Record), 800m, 1500m 2017 South Korea 

World Masters Indoor Championships 800m Bronze, Hungary 2014
World Masters Indoor Championships 800m Champion, Silver 1500m Finland 2012
World Masters Outdoor Championship  800m Bronze, Finland 2009
Multiple Outdoor Masters National Championships 800m Champion 
Multiple Outdoor Masters National Championships 1500m Champion 
Multiple Indoor Masters National Championships in 3000m, 400m, 800m, 1500m 
Masters Exhibition 800m, Olympic Trials, Sacramento, CA 2004
Masters PRs: 400m 63.29, 800m 2:20.34, 1500m 4:50.48, 3000m 10:35.43
5k 17:46, 5 mile 29.47, 10K 37:52, 10 miles 62.09, 1/2 marathon 1:21, marathon 2:59.36
Julie Hayden, Ashburn, VA, W55

Co-founder Athena Track Club
Events: 400, Middle Distance, Road Racing
Education:  Bedford College of Physical Education, England, BEd. Hons
Profession: Teacher, Exercise Instructor and Coach
World Masters W50 Champion 800m, 2nd 400M, 3rd 1500M and 3rd 4X200M Kamloops, Canada 2010
World Indoor Record W50 4x400m Relay 2014
World Indoor Record W50 4x800M Relay 2014
World Outdoor Record W50 4X800m Relay 2010
National Indoor Masters Champion W50 400m 2010, 2012
National Outdoor Masters Champion 1500m W45 2006
USA Indoor Master Record W40 4X400m Relay 2005, 2013
National Masters W55 2nd 12k Road Championship 2015
National Indoor Masters W50 2nd 800m & 400 2013
National Indoor Masters W50 2nd 800m & 3rd 400m 2011
National Outdoor Masters W45 2nd 800m 2006
National Outdoor Masters W45 2nd 800m &1500m 2005
National Indoor Masters W55 3rd 800m & 400m 2015
State Outdoor Games of America W45 1st 400m, 800m, 1500m 2005
Master PRs: 400m 65.77, 800m 2:25.16, 1500m 5:06.64, mile 5:34.13, 000m 10:40.8, 5k 19:31, 5m 32:03, 10k 40:10
Lifetime PRs: 400m 62.92, 800m 2:16.80, 1500m 4:49.70, mile 5:22.0, 3,000m 10:40.8, 5k 17:41, 5m 29:45, 10k 37:53

Terri Cassel, Tulsa, OK, W55

Co-founder Athena Track Club
Events: Middle Distance, Road Running, Marathons
Education: University of Oklahoma BS and MS, University 

Profession: Board Certified Sports Physical Therapist
Dallas White Rock Marathon 2008 & 2010 1st Master
Route 66 1/2 Marathon 2010 1st Master
Dallas Rock 'N Roll 1/2 Marathon 2010 2nd Master
Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon 2009 1st Master
Outdoor National Master Championships W45 2nd 800m 2008
Indoor Master Championships W45 1st 800m 2007 & 2008
World Record Masters W40 4X800m  2004 & 2007
Outdoor National Master Championships W45 2nd 800m 2007
Indoor National Master Championships W40 2nd 3000m 2006
World Record Masters W40 Indoor 4X800m and 4X400m 2006
Olympic Trials Master Exhibition 800m 2004
Hood to Coast Relay 1st Mixed Masters  Record 2004
Outdoor Master Championships W40 2nd 800m 2003, 2004
Jim Thorpe Running Women of the Year 2004
Oklahoma Female Runner of the Year 2003
Jenks 1/2 Marathon 1st  (Oklahoma Master Record)

Masters PRs:  800m 2:22.85, 1500m 4:50.67, mile  5:19, 3000m 10:55.01, 5K 18:18,  10K 38:49, 15K 58:15, 10 mile 1:09:19, 1/2 Marathon 1:23.43, Marathon 3:12:18

Team (alphabetical)

Sonya Badger,  Astoria, NY W50

Events: 400, Middle Distance
Education: Junior College Taylor Business Institute AOS Degree in Travel & Tourism
Profession: Event Planner

Highlights: Master National Championships
2006 Outdoors-Charlotte, NC: 2nd 800m/2nd 1500m
2007 Outdoors-Maine National Champion 1st  800m and 1500m
2008 Indoors-Boston, MA: 2nd 4x400m
2009 Indoors-Landover, Maryland: 2nd 4x800m/2nd 4x400m
2010 Indoors-Boston, MA: 3rd 4x400m
2014 Indoors-Boston, MA: 4th 800m
Empire State Games 2006 1st 800m/1st 1500m/1st 4x100m
    2007 & 2010 1st 800m/2nd 1500m
Penn Relays: 2008-2nd i4x400m, 2009-2nd 4x400m, 2010-2nd 4x400m
Millrose Games 2009-2nd 4x400m, 2010-2nd 4x400m, 2011-1st 4x400m
Masters PRs: PRs 800m 2:26, 1500m 5:02.10, 5K 19:4

Terry Ballou, Madison, NH, W50

Events: 400, Middle Distance, Road Racing and Cross Country
Education: Graduated College of the Holy Cross, JD Brooklyn Law School
Profession: Lawyer
World Record USA 4X800, W40-49, Boston 2010
National Champion Outdoors, 2015, W45, Jacksonville, Florida, 800 and 1500
National Champion Indoors, 2014, W45, Boston, MA, 800
National Champion Indoors, 2012, W40 Bloomington IN, 800
National Champion Indoors 2007, W35, Boston, MA, mile
Winner of Masters Exhibition 400 meters, 2009, Boston MA, USA Indoor Championships
5th 2008 Masters Exhibition Olympic Trials, Eugene, OR, 200m
5th 2012 Masters Exhibition Olympic Trials, Eugene, OR, 400m
Winner of 5th Ave Mile 2010, W40, 5:10 & 2007 W39, 5:22

Masters PRs: 200 27.69  400 60.05  800 2:20.97 1500 4:57 Mile: 5:10

Jodi Bass, Doylestown, PA, W40

Events: Road Racing, Marathon, Track and Field 
Education: University of Oklahoma, B.S. in Physical Therapy 
Profession: Division Sales Manager - Genentech BioOncolocy 
2012 Bucks County 5K series overall female winner 
2015 Bucks Count Marathon Overall Female Winner 
2016 JFK 50 miler - 4th masters 
2017 Darien Road Race 10K - overall female winner 
2017 DC Army 10 miler - 3rd masters 
Mid Atlantic Grand Prix 2017 Bridge Run - 1st W40

Cheryl Bellaire, Wayne, PA W55

Events: Sprints, Middle Distance, Roads, Cross Country, Pole Vault, Intermediate Hurdles and Steeplechase.
Education: Michigan State University (Gymnastic Scholarship) and Millersville University, BA Psychology, BS Math./Computer Science
University of Michigan Medical School M.D.
Profession: OB/GYN and owner Radiance Medspa, Exton, PA
American Record holder W50 2000m Steeplechase 8:14.35 Sacramento, CA
2016 World Champion W55 2000m Steeplechase, Perth, Australia

2015 World Champion W55 2000m Steeplechase, Lyon, France
World Championships Bronze 3000m Daegu, South Korea
8 time National Champion & undefeated at 2000m Steeplechase.
4 time National Champion 800m, 3 time National Champion 400m, National Champion Mile and 1500m
Member of Club, American & World Masters Record Relay teams (4X100m, 4X200m, 4X400m and 4X800m)
Master Exhibition W55 800m at World Indoor Nationals, Portland, OR 2016
Master Exhibition 1500m at USA Indoor Nationals, Albuquerque, NM 2010
Winner W50+ Hartshorne Mile 2010
Winner Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix (5K to Marathon) 2001
Master Winner Penn Relays Championship of America 20K 2003
Overall Winner Millersville Road Mile 2010
Red Rose 5 Mile Run 1st W45 2007
Brian's Run 10K 3rd Master 1999, 2nd W40 2000, 2nd W45 2005
Media 5 Mile Run 1st Master 2000, 1st W45 2004
3rd Master Broad Street 10 Mile 2003
Radnor 5 Mile Run 1st Overall 2001
Ben Franklin Bridge Run 4 mile 1st Master 2001
Philadelphia Distance Run 5K 1st Master 1999
Master PRs: Track (W50+) Steeplechase 2K 8:14.35, 800m 2:33.19, 400m 66.77, 200m 30.36, 100m 14.9, Road Mile 5:33.9
Road PRs: (W40+) 5K 19:29, 10m 1:06.51, 1/2 Marathon 1:29.50, Marathon 3:19.29

Maggie Brill, Pottstown, PA W40

Events: Track, Road Races 
Profession: Track and Field Coach, Strength and Conditioning Coach 
Education: NCC-BS Finance, Japanese CSU- MBA Sports Administration 
Highlights: Wineglass Marathon 2011- 10th overall, 2012 6th overall 
Wineglass ½ Marathon 2014 4th overall 
Philadelphia ½ marathon 2010 3rd W30, 2017 1st Master
Rothman 8K 2009 1st W30 2012 1st W35
Rothman 8k 2012 1 
Former 5-time All-American sprinter and NCAA Division III Champion in 4 x 400 
PRs: 400m-57.85, 5K-18:48, 8K-31:36, ½ marathon 1:26.13, marathon 3:05.1

Peggy Conlon, Chester Springs, PA, W50

Events: Road Racing and Cross Country
Education: Attended Rockland Comunnity College
Profession: Head Girls Cross Country Coach at Bishop Shanahan High School

Highlights: Member USATF National Grand Prix Athena Road and Cross Country Team
Boston Marathon 3:15.16 2014, 2012, 2013
USATF Masters 5K Championships W45 3rd Syracuse, NY 2014
Master Outdoor National Championships W45 3rd 5000m Winston-Salem 2014
3rd Master NC USATF Half Marathon Championships 2014
1st Master Quinitles 1/2 Marathon 2012, 2013
USATF 2014 Masters Grand Prix 4th place

Master PRs: 10K 40:10, 8K 31:56

Abby Dean, Philadelphia, PA, W45

Events: Road Racing, Marathons, Triathlons
Education: PhD in Physiology, Temple Univ. School of Medicine, MEd in Kinesiology, Temple University, BA in Biology, Douglass College, Rutgers University

Profession: Associate Scientific Director, Discovery USA
Highlights: Member USATF National Grand Prix Athena Road Team

Carlsbad Marathon 3rd Overall 2:50.16 2016
2008 U.S. Olympic trials marathon finishing 29th overall
USATF Mid-Atlantic Long Distance Runner of the year 2008 & 2009
USATF Mid-Atlantic Frank Percival Outstanding Athlete of the Year award
Philadelphia Marathon 1st Master 2015

Philadelphia 1/2 Marathon 2nd W40 2012 & 1st Master 2011
Rothman 8K 2017 1st W45
USATF Masters 10k Championships 2nd W40 2014
Penn Relays 20K 1st Master 2012
Broad Street 10 miler 2nd W40, 2nd Master 2015, 3rd W40 2014, 1st W40, 2nd Master 2013, W40, 2nd Master 2012
PRs: 5K 17:24, 8K 29:14, 10K 36:22, 10 mile 57:08, 1/2 Marathon 1:17:29, Marathon 2:41:25, 1/2 Iron 4:53:10

Masters PRs: 5k 18:12, 10k 37:50, 10 mile 1:00:36, 1/2 marathon 1:21:21, Marathon 2:50.16

Wendi Glassman, Elizabeth, NJ W60

Events: Middle Distance
Education: B.A., Goucher College; J.D., Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law; LL.M., NYU School of Law
Profession: Executive VP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary at Bank Leumi
Member American Club Record W50 4X800m Relay 2009
Member American Club Record W50 4X800m Relay 2010
Indoor Masters Championships W55 1st 4X400m & 3rd 800m Boston 2014
Indoor Masters Championships W55 1st 4X400m & 4th 800m, Landover 2013
Indoor Masters Championships W55 2nd 800m & mile Bloomington IN 2012
Indoor Masters Championships W50 3rd 400m Boston 2010
Indoor Masters Championships W50 1st 4X400m & 4X800m Landover 2009
Outdoor Masters Championships W55 4th 800m Olathe, KS 2014
Outdoor Masters Championships W55 2nd 1500m, 4th 800m Lisle, IL 2012
Outdoor Masters Championships W55 3rd 800m Cleveland 2011
Outdoor Masters Championships W50 4th 800m Spokane 2008
Outdoor Masters Championships W50 2nd 800m, 3rd 1500m Maine 2007
Fifth Avenue Mile winner W50 New York 2007
Indoor Masters Championships W40 National Champion 3000m Greensboro 1996

PRs:  W50. Mile 6:09, W55 1500m 5:46.2, 800m. 2:45.12, 400m. 1:13.3

Gaby Grebski, Silver Spring, MD, W45

Events: Track (400m, 800m), Road Racing (5K)
Education:  Yale University, BA in Psychology; Columbia University, MA in Social Work
Profession:  High School Counselor, Teacher, Coach

Millrose Games Masters Meet Record 4X400m  4:09.58 2013
Master Indoor National Champion W40 800m, 4X400m 2012
Penn Relays 4X400m W40 Outdoor American Club Record 4:10.06 2013
Penn Relays  4X400m 1st place W40 2012
Olympic Trials Qualifier 400m at the USATF New York Open 60.11 2012
Olympic Trials 400m placed 6th 61.21 2012
Indoor Nationals Master Championship W35 1st 800m 2008
UMD Terrapin Invitational, 2nd 800m  2:17.45

5K Run For Hunger, 1st place (40-49), 6th place female, 18:57
PRs: 400m 57.85,  800m 2:12, 5K 18:40
Masters PRs: 400m 59.90,  800m 2:16, 5K 18:57

Page Greenberg, Malvern, PA, W60

Events: Road Racing, Marathons
Education: BSN - College of Notre Dame, MSN - Medical College of PA
Profession: Retired Nurse
Hightlights: Member USATF National Winning Grand Prix Athena Road Team
Started running age 55, Has run Marathons Boston 4X, New York 2X and Chicago 2X
Has run 21 Marathons, 41 1/2 marathons and ten10 milers
Abbott World Marathon Major Award Running Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York

Boston Distance Medley. The B.A.A. Distance Medley. 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon W60 winner 2016
Rehoboth Beach1/2 marathon 1st  & course record W60 2015
Fort Lauderdale A1A 1/2 marathon 1st  & course record W60 2015
Broad Street Run 10 Miler 3rd  W60 2015
Rothman Institute 8k 2nd W60 2015 & 2014
The Love Run Philadelphia 1st & course record W60 2014
Rock ’n Roll San Antonio 1/2 marathon 2nd W60 2014
Philadelphia 1/2 marathon 2nd W60 2014
Hot Chocolate 15k Philadelphia 1st & course record W60 2014
NYRR Five Borough Series: Queens 10k 1st & course record W60 2014
3rd in the Rock ’N Roll Series World Grand Prix Championships.
W60 2014
Master PRs: (W55+) Marathon (Tokyo 2014) 3:43:21, 1/2 Marathon (Rehoboth Beach 2011) 1:42, 15k (Hot Chocolate Phila. 2014) 1:11:52, 10k (Queens 2014) 48:11,
10 Miler (Perfect 10 miler, NJ 2014) 1:18:12, 8k (Rothman 2014) 38:24, 5k (Butterfly Run 2014) 23:22

Kathy Haubrich, Shakopee, MN, W55

Events: Sprints, Middle Distance, Road Racing
Education: University of Minnesota
Profession: Teacher
Indoor World Record Team 4X400m W50 Albuquerque, NM 2011
Indoor World Record Team 4X800m W50 Bloomington, IN  2012
Outdoor American Club Record 4X 400m W50 Lisle, IL  2012
Indoor World championships 5th W50 400m Finland 2012
USATF Master Indoor Championships W50 3rd 400m & 4th 800m Bloomington 2012
USATF Master Indoor Championships W50 3rd 400m, 4th 800m,1st 4X200m Albuquerque 2011
USATF Master Indoor Championships W50 2nd 400m, 5th 800m, 1st 4X400m Boston 2010
USATF Master Outdoor Championships W50 1st 800m, 2nd 400m, & 3rd 200m Cleveland 2011
USATF Master Outdoor Championships W50 3rd 800m, 1st 4X400m & 4X800m Sacramento 2010
USATF Minnesota Women's Master Track & Field Athlete of the Year 2011, 2012
2011 Minnesota Record Mile W51

Marcie Heil, West Chester, PA, W40

Events: Road Racing 
Education: BA  College of William & Mary, MS Penn State University 
Profession: Stay-At-home mom/IT professional 
Highlights: College: Penn Relays 5K collegiate champion - 1994
5 time NCAA All-American at William & Mary
1994 NCCA outdoor track 5,000 meters - 3rd place 
Masters: Broad Street Run 1st Master 2017
Philadelphia Half Marathon - 1st Masters 2016 
College track PRs: mile: 4:47, 3K: 9:18, 5K 16:04 
Masters PRs:  5k: 18:17, 10 mile: 1:05:37 half marathon: 1:26:55

Patty Heppelmann, Malvern,  PA W40
Events: Road Racing, Cross Country, Triathlon
Education: Villanova University, BS and MS
Profession: Counselor, USAT Certified Coach Level I, USTF Certified Coach Level I, Certified Sports Nutrition (CISSN)
USAT All American, Ironman All World Athlete, Ironman Coeur d’Alene 7th AG W40 2013, Ironman Florida 6th AG W40 2015, World Championships for Half Ironman- Las Vegas 2013 and Mont Tremblant 2015, World Championship/Team USA- Olympic Triathlon London 2013
Atlantic City Half Marathon, 2nd AG W40 2016
Diamondman 70.3, 1St Overall Female 2015
St. Pat’s Atlantic City Boardwalk 10 miler, 1st Overall Female 2014
Brian’s Run 5 miler 4th Overall Female 2013
Philadelphia Half Marathon 1st AG W40 2012
1st Overall Female Brigantine Sprint Tri 2010, Stone Harbor Sprint Tri and Marsh Creek Sprint Tri 2011, “Queen of the Run” at Stone Harbor Sprint Tri 2011
Masters PRs: Ironman 10:51, Half Ironman 4:46, Olympic Triathlon, 2:20, Marathon 3:25, Half Marathon 1:27, 10 Miler 1:06, 5 Miler 31:29, 5k: 19:07

Leslee Hoey, Malvern, PA, W45

Events: Distance, Road racing, Marathons
Education: Penn State University Mathematics Education
Profession: Education and coaching
Highlights: Member USATF National Grand Prix Athena Road Team
USATF Masters 5K Championships W45 Winner Syracuse, NY 2014
8th National LDR Grand Prix Challenge  W40 2014
3rd USATF National Masters Championship W40 5000m 2014
Broad Street 10 miler 2014 2nd W40, 3rd Master 2014
Broad Street 10 miler 2011 3rd Master 2011
Broad Street 10 miler 2010 2nd W40
Ran the Rock N Roll Half for TransAmerica (starting at the back and everyone I passed was a dollar for Wounded Warrior)
PRs: 2:59 1995 Chicago Marathon, 1:01 Broad Street, 36:30 10K, and 17:17  5000m

Alice Louise Kassens, Fincastle, VA W40

Events: 1500-10,000 on track and up to marathon on road
Education: The College of William and Mary BA Economics, History; North Carolina State University  PhD Economics
Profession: Education, John S. Shannon Chair on Economics, Roanoke College
Highlights: Varsity at the College of William and Mary (XC, indoor and outdoor track)
6th at USATF 12k nationals, 2015

2011, 2012 Quintiles Marathon winner
PRs: 1500m 4:46, 800m 2:21, Mile (5:21, master 5:29), 3000m outdoor 10:36, indoor 10:42; master indoor 11:07,  5k road 18:12, outdoor 17:58, indoor 17:54, master (road) 18:40, 8k road 29:47, 10k road 37:36, outdoor 37:13, 12k master 47:31, 1/2 marathon 1:22.32, master 1:26.4, Marathon 2:57
Carol Kolimago, Glenmoore, PA W45

Events: Road Racing, Triathlon
Education: Villanova University
Profession: CPA
2-Time NCAA Cross Country Champion Team Member at Villanova 1990 & 1991
NCAA Indoor & Outdoor Track Championship Qualifier – 3000m 1991
Broad Street Run, 1st Female 1992
Hawaii Ironman World Championship Triathlon - Kailua-Kona, Qualifier & AG Finisher 1996
Half-Ironman World Championship Triathlon - Mont-Tremblant, Canada, Qualiifer & AG Finisher 2014
Rothman 8k, 3rd W40 2010
SheROX Triathlon Bermuda, 1st Overall Amateur 2011
Ironman Coeur d’Alene Triathlon, 6th W40 2013
French Creek Olympic Distance Triathlon, 1st Overall Female 2014
Delaware Canal Half Marathon, 2nd Overall Female 2016
USA Triathlon All American & Ironman All World Athlete
PRs: 800m – 2:08; 1500m – 4:22; 3000m – 9:22; 5000m – 16:38; 8K – 30:52; 10 mile – 57:38; Marathon –
2:56:56; Half Ironman – 4:50:09; Ironman – 11:37:32

Doreen McCoubrie, Malvern, PA, W55

Events: Road racing, Marathons, Cross-country
Education: Penn State University, BS
Profession: Dispatch Supervisor at UPS USATF Mid-Atlantic's membership chair
Highlights: Member USATF National Winning Grand Prix Athena Road Team
5 time All American At PSU in Indoor, Outdoor and Cross Country. School record in the 1500 from 1983-2014
Inducted into the Southern NJ Hall of Fame
2004 and 2008 US Olympic Trials Marathon 2nd in age group 2008 45-49

W55 mile record with a 5:33.51, #1 time in World 2017
USATF Championships Road Mile Flint Michigan 1st  2014
USATF Championships 5K 1st W50 Syracuse 2011
USATF Championships 8K 1st W50 Williamsburg 2012

USATF Championships 2017: 1st W55 8K Championships, 1st W55 1/2 Marathon Championships and 1st W55 15K Championships
Boston Marathon 2017 2nd W55
Philadelphia Marathon W50  2:50:23 2011, 2nd Overall & 1st Master 2009
First Master Bridge run 10K
First Annapolis 10 miler W45 2010
Broad Street Run (10 Mile) 1st W50 1:00:35 2012, 1st W45 2010, 1st W45 (2nd Master) 2009, W45 1st Master 2008
Philadelphia Distance Run (1/2 marathon) 1st W45 2008, 1st W45 2010, 1st W50 2012
Masters PR's: Marathon 2:46:33  1/2 Marathon 1:19:16   10 mile 58:40  10K 36:44  5 mile 30:31 5K 17:41

Julie Pangburn, Malvern, PA, W50

Events: Road Racing, Cross Country, 3000m+
Education: Temple University (Fencing Scholarship)
Profession: Personal Trainer
Member USATF National Winning Grand Prix Athena Road  and Cross Country Team
Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix 2017 F
irst W50: 1st W50 Moorestown, 1st W50 Delaware Distance, 1st W50 Bridge Run, 1st W50 Valley Forge, and 1st W50 Rothman
Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix Overall 3rd 2014 and 5th 2015
World Masters Outdoor Championships, Bronze USA team 8K XC, Perth, Australia 2016
World Masters W45 Outdoor 7th in the 5k Sacramento 2011
US Masters Outdoor 5k W45 National Champion 2011
US Masters Outdoor 10k W45 National Champion 2011
Broad Street 10 miler 2010 3rd W45, 2011 1st W45, 2012 1st W45
Bridge run 10k 1st W45 2010
Masters PRs: 5K 18:45, 8K 30:55, 10k 39:09, 15K 59:55, Marathon 3:04.47, 3000 11:01

Christy Peterson, North Wales, PA, W40

Events: Track, Road Racing & Cross Country
Education: University of Wisconsin at La Crosse: BS in Microbiology, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee Masters in Business 
Profession: Associate Director of Marketing at Merck
Penn Relays Distance Classic 20k: 3rd 2010
Boston Marathon 2012:  39th
Broad Street Run 2014: 5th American, 2017 3rd Master
Indianapolis Half Marathon 2014: 1st Master, 20171st Master
California International Marathon 2014:  1st Master
Naples Daily News Half Marathon 2015: 2nd Master
Freihofers 5k 2015: 3rd Master, 2017 4th Master
Peach Tree 10K 2017 3rd Master
Cow Harbor 10k 2017 3rd Master
Falmouth road Race 7 mile 2017 2nd Master
Garry Bjorklan 1/2 Marathon 2017 2nd Master
Run For the Diamonds 2015: 1st Master
20k National Championship New Haven 2015: 2nd Master
1500 National Champion Masters Indoor Championship 2016
5K National Championship Syracuse 2017 2nd Master
15k National Championship Gate River 2016: 2nd Master
15k National Masters Championship Tulsa 2016: W40 3rd 
20k National Championship New Haven 2016: 1st Master
Columbus 1/2 Marathon 2017 1st Master 
Grandmas Half Marathon 2016: 3rd Master
Olympic Trials Masters Exhibition 1500, 2016 Eugene, OR
Rock and Roll Philly Half 2016: 2nd Master
Philadelphia 8k 2016: 1st Master, 2017 1st Master
Run For the Diamonds 2016: 1st Master, 2017 1st Master
5th Ave Mile 2017 2nd Master|
Hartshorn Mile 2017: Elite W40 3rd
Penn Relays 2017 W40 4x400 3rd
PRs: 1500 4:47, 5k 17:01, 8k 29:07, 15k 57:12, 10 miles 59:49, 20k 1:17:20, Half Marathon 1:19:06, Marathon 2:47:59
Masters PRs: 400 69.9, 800 2:28,1500 4:53, mile 5:12, 5k 17:48, 8k  30:43,10k 40:22, 9 miles 56:33, 15k 59:34, 20k 1:17:20, Half Marathon 1:20:56

Terri Rath, Ashburn, VA, W50

Events: Sprints and Middle Distance
Education: De Anza College
Profession: Coaching and Instruction
Outdoor Masters American Club Record 4X100  W40 Athena 2010, Athena W50 2017
Outdoor Masters American Club 4X400  W40 Athena 2007
US Masters Outdoor W40 4X400m Record 2006
US Masters Indoor W40 8th 400m and 800m
Masters Indoor Championships W40 800m and 400m 2006
Masters PRs:  800m 2:32.07, 400m 1:04.663

Charmaine Roberts, Washington, DC, W50

Events: 200m, 400m and 800m
Education: Alabama A&M University BA, Long Island University MS, McDaniel College Post Graduate A
Profession: Resource Teacher for Special Education

American Record Holder W45 400m  59.37, Hungary 2014
Indoor World Record 4 X 400m W40 Athena, Boston, 2010
World Masters Indoor Championships, Gold W45 800m & 400m Hungary 2014
Millrose Games Masters Meet Record 4X400m 4:09.58 2013
USA Olympic Team trials Master Invitational 2nd 400m, Eugene, OR 2012
World Masters Indoor Championships, Gold 400m, Finland, 2012
World Masters Outdoor Championships 4th 800m, 2nd 400m, Sacramento 2011
World Masters Indoor Championships, Gold W35 4x400m, American Record, Finland 2009
World Masters Outdoor Championships, W40 3rd 200m Finland 2009
Outdoor American Record W35 4 X 400m, Sacramento, 2010
Outdoor American Record W40 4 X 400m, Penn Relays 2008
Indoor American Record W35 4 X 800m, Boston 2007
Outdoor American Club Record 4 X 100 W40, Penn Relays 2010
Outdoor American Club Record 4 X 400 W40, Penn Relays 2007
Indoor & Outdoor National Champion 400m, 800m, 2014
Outdoor Champion W50 400m and 200m 2017
Indoor National Champion 400m 2010- 2014
USATF Age Group Athlete of Year  2012, 2014
Masters PRs: 400m 57.3, 800m 2:18.18

Nancy Rollins, Evanston, IL, W70

Events: Road Racing, Track mid-distance and distance
Education:  RN, 
BA Human Services, Masters in Counseling
Profession:  Therapist/Counselor  Individual, Group and Couple’s Counseling
Highlights: Boston Marathon W60 1st 2007, 2008  2nd 2009, 2010 W65 2nd 2013 3rd 2012, 2015
Big Sur Marathon: W65-69 3rd 2016
World Master’s Games in Sacramento, California 2011: W60-64 2nd Marathon 3:36:14, 2nd 10,000 meters
Chicago Marathon: 1st in age group- 13 times out of the last 18 marathons since1997, Most recent 1st place wins-2012-2015
Senior Games in Cleveland 2013 W65-69 1st in 800m 3:02.6 (Senior Games record), 1st in 1500m
Senior Games in St. Paul 2015 W65-69 2nd 400 meter, 1st 800m, 1st 1500m
2017 Master Outdoor Championships 1st 400, 800, 1500, 5000, 10,000
Masters PRs:
5K- 18:35, 10K- 38:40, 10 mile-64.30, Half Marathon- 87:06 , Marathon- 3:02:20

Maryline Roux, Davidson, NC, W50

Events: Sprints, Middle Distance and Triathlons
Education: Chamber of Commerce of Paris
Profession: Yoga Instructor and Coach
World Record W40 Indoor 4X400m 4:09.13, Boston, MA 2010
World Record W40 Indoor 4X400m 4:14.70, Landover, MD 2009
World Champion Outdoor  4X400 &  4X100m,  2011
World Champion Indoor 4X200 USA Silver Medal Findland 2012
National Masters Outdoor Champion 400m, Bloomington, IN 2012
Penn Relays W40 American Club Record Athena 4X100m and W40 Champions 4X400 2010
Penn Relays W40 Champions 4X100m  2008 & 4X400m 2012
American Club Record Indoor Athena W40 4X100m  2010
National Champion Indoor W40 4X200m, Boston, MA 2010
World Indoor Championships, Kamloops, Canada 3rd 400m, 4th 200m 2010
Masters PRs: 800m 2:31.76,
400m 61.7, 200m 27.85, 100m 12.9

Margaret Sloan, Nashville, TN W55 
Events: Middle Distance, Road Running, Cross Country
Education: BS Biology University of Virginia; MPT Loma Linda University
Profession:  Former Physical Therapist, coaching
Highlights: Winning the Pittsburgh Marathon and representing USA at Olympics Seoul, South Korea 1988
1981 set a world indoor record for 5000 meters 15:34.5.
4x senior world xc team member;
Lifetime PRs: 58.6 400m, 2:08 800m, 4:16 1500m, 9:37 2 mile(i), 15:34 5k (i), 32:20 10k (r), 1:11 half marathon,  2:29.50 marathon

Tara Smith, Limerick, PA, W40

Events: Track, Road Racing and Cross Country
Education: West Chester University, BS Nutrition and Public Health
Profession: Sales Representative Vaccines - Merck
Highlights: Member USATF National Grand Prix Athena Road Team
Rothman 8k 2017 2nd W40
Valley Forge Revolutionary 5 Mile Run 2nd age group 2014
Cooper Norcross Run Bridge 10K Run 1st W40 2014, 3rd W40 2017
Adrenaline 5k 1st W40 2017
USATF East Regional XC Championships  2nd W40 2015
Masters Indoor Championships 1st W40 4X400, 3rd mile Boston 2014
Masters Indoor Championships 1st W40 400m, 3rd 800m Landover 2013
Lehigh Valley Hospital Marathon for VIA 2010 1st age group
Boston Marathon 2011

Master PRs: 5K 19:58:00

Coreen Steinbach, Pompey, NY, W65

Events: 200, 400, Middle Distance, Roads and occasional Cross Country
Education: Penn state University BS, Syracuse University
Profession: Professional Artist
USATF Age Group Runner of the Year  2012
1500m & 3000m World Champion World Indoor Track Championships Jvaskayla, Finland, 2012
1500m World Champion Porto Alegre, Brazil 2013
World Indoors Championships 800m & 3000m 2nd, 1500m 3rd, 8k X-Country Team Gold & 3rd ind., Kamloops, BC 2010
World Outdoor Championships 4th W65 400m and 800m, Perth, Australia 2016
5 time National Masters Championship 400m
4 time National Masters Championship 800m
2 time National Masters Championship 1500m
3000m Indoor National Champion Bloomington, IL 2012
One Mile Indoor National Champion Bloomington, IL 2012
4X100 and 4X400 W65 American Records, Perth, Australia 2016
4x200m Indoor American Record W60 Winston Salem, NC 2015
4x800m Indoor World Record W60  Winston Salem, NC 2015
4x800m Outdoor World Record W60 Winston Salem, NC 2014
USATF Road Mile National Champion Flint, MI 2014
5k USATF National Champion  Syracuse, NY 2014
15k USATF National Champion  Tulsa, Oklahoma 2014

Betsy Stewart, West Chester, PA W55

Events:  Road Racing, Cross Country, Distance Track
Education:  BS Accounting & Management, Alfred University

Profession:  Higher Education
Highlights: Member USATF National Long Distance Running Grand Prix Team 
W50 Winners 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 

6th place Individual LDR Grand Prix W50: 2014, 2015 
World Masters Outdoor Championships, Bronze USA team 8K XC, Perth, Australia 2016
October Lauf Fest 1/2 Marathon 1st place Master 2012
Masters PRs:  Track: 1500 5:39 Mile  6:02
Road: Mile 6:05 5K  20:33 5K XC 20:56

Marisa Sutera Strange, Pleasant Valley, NY, W55

Events: Mid-Distance and Distance Track, Road Racing and Cross Country
Education: BS from Ithaca College, MS- from Russell Sage College
Profession: Educator Arlington School District
30 National championship titles
American Record W50 Outdoor1500 4:51.86 2015 and Indoor 3000 10:12.98 2015
World record for the most consecutive wins in a single race (17 @Dutchess County Classic 5k)
2016 Freiofers Run for Women Masters Winner
Two time division 3 All-American in the 400m hurdles
1992, 1996 Olympic trials 2000m Steeplechase
Masters PRs: 5k-17:20, 1500- 4:36.7, 3000- 9:56, 10k-36:47
PRs: 5k-16:55, 10k- 35:40, Steeplechase 3k- 10:30 (36 in), 400m hurdles -61.6, Mile- 4:44.9, 800m 2:10.3

Mary Swan, Penn Valley, PA, W55

Events: Distance Track, road Racing and Cross Country
Education: Stanford University undergrad (coxswain for the women's varsity crew team) Univ. of Penn, Wharton MBA
Profession: Financial Advising, Investments
US Marathon Olympic Trials  2:48:00 1996
Member USATF National Winning Grand Prix Athena Road W50 Team 2013, 2014, 2015
Indoor Masters Championship 1st 3000m and 2nd mile, Landover, MD 2013
2013, ranked 8th in world for the 3000m
Broad street 10 mile run 2nd W45 2012, 2nd W45 2010, 2nd W45 2009

Sandylee Triolo, W55

Events: Sprints 
Education: Maryland Institute College of Art, MFA in Digital Media 
Profession: Digital Media Professional 
2017 American Record W55 Indoor 4X200m 2:00.51, Masters Indoor Worlds, Daegu, S. Korea 
2015 US Champion Indoor W50, 60M, 8.62 Winston Salem, NC 
2015 US Outdoor Nationals W50, 100m, Silver, Winston Salem, NC 
2017 Penn Relays 1st W50 4X100 Club Record with Sandy Triolo, Cheryl Bellaire, Charmaine Roberts and Teri Rath
2015 Penn Relays 1st Place W50 - Skampering Wilmas 1:01.67 Sandy Triolo, Sue McCarthy, Susan Wiemer, Susan Loyd 
2014 Penn Relays 1st Place W50 - Flying Bettys W50 56.72 Sandylee Triolo, Cheryl Bellaire 
2014 US Indoor Nationals W50 60M, Silver, Boston, MA
2017 Masters Outdoor Championships W55 2nd 100 and 400, 3rd 200 
Masters PRs: 60m 8.62, 100m 13.67, 200m 28.8, 400m 110.51


Miki Smith, Albuquerque, NM 
Co-founder Athena Track Club 
Now competes in skiing 

Events: 200m, 400m, 800m 
Education: Montana State University and University of New Mexico, Health Promotion and Education
Profession: Coach Albuquerque Public Schools 
World Record Relay Indoor 4x800 W40
World Record Relay Indoor 4x400 W40

American Record W35 4X400m Boston 2007
USATF National Outdoor Champion W 40 400m 2000

Joan Hunter, Purcellville, VA, W50

Events: 200, 400, Middle Distance
Education: UVA, WVU BS Exercise Physiology

Profession: Coaching
Masters Indoor Champion W45 400m and 800m, Landover, MD 2007
Masters Indoor Silver W45  800m, Landover, MD
Indoor World Record 4X400 W40  Athena 2010
Outdoor American Club Record 4 X 400  W40 Athena 2007
Outdoor American Record 4 X 800 W40 Athena  2007
Indoor American Club Record 4 X 800  W40 Athena 2007
Indoor American Club Record 4 X 100  W40 Athena 2010
PRs: 400m 61.65, 800m 2:21.93, Mile 5:40
Mary Grene, Andover, KS, W50

Co-founder Athena Track Club
Events: Middle Distance and Road Racing
Education: San Diego State BS, Wichita State MBA
Profession:  Graphic designer

World Masters Champion 1500m Spain 2005
National Masters Champion Outdoor 1500m Hawaii 2005
National Masters Champion Indoor 3000m and Mile Idaho 2005
National Masters Champion Indoor Mile Boston 2006
World Record Masters Indoor W40 4X800, and 4X400m 2006
US Master Outdoor Record 4X400m 2006
World Outdoor Record Masters W40 4X800m 2004
USATF Masters Track Athlete of the Year W40 2005
Masters PRs 5K 17:48, 2 mile 11:03, 3000m 10:33, Mile: 5:13, 1500m 4:43, 800m 2:25
Photo Credits*
Doug Shaggy Smith
Ken Stone
Michael Scott
Dave Albo
Steve Gallow
Terry Perrone
Patty Morgan
Mark Hawkins
Rob D'Avellar
Kenny Aaronson

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