Athena Track Club was established in 2006 to provide opportunities for like-minded elite female runners to compete as a team in Masters track, road racing and cross-country events.  We are mothers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, coaches, cancer survivors and professional women balancing work, sports, healthy living and family responsibilities.  We support each other in all aspects of our lives. Athena is a USATF club and competes locally, nationally and worldwide. 

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National Masters News

National Masters News for their May Issue highlights Athena's Julie Hayden and Cheryl Bellaire at IAAF World Indoor Championships Portland W55 Masters 800m Invitational 

Athena Highlights at World Masters Championships In Malaga, Spain

Cheryl Bellaire W55 Bronze Steeplechase
Lorraine Jasper W55 4th 800m, 6th 1500m, Silver W55 4x400
Coreen Steinbach W65 5th 800m, 5th 400m, 5th 1500m, Silver       W60 4x400
Charmaine Roberts W50 6th 400m
Sandy Triolo and Kathleen Shook Gold W55 4x100 and
Kathleen Silver W55 4x400


Doreen McCoubrie Breaks W55 American Road and Track Mile Record

In the past two weeks Doreen set two American records!  First at USATF Masters Mile Championship in Michigan she ran a 5:34.  At the Potomac ValleyTrack Meet she ran a 5:30.31.

USATF Masters Nationals, Spokane WA

A small group battled heat and smoke to compete July 27-29

Coreen Steinbach W65 1st 400m, 2nd 800m & 3rd 1500m
Cheryl Bellaire W55 1st 300m Hurdles
Sandy Trilo W55 2nd 100m &3rd 200m 
Kathleen Shook W55 5th 100m, &4th 200m
Terri Rath W50 7th 100m and 5th 200m
W50 4x100 Club Relay Sandy, Cheryl, Kathleen & Terri 1st.

USATF Masters 10K and 1/2 Marathon Championships 

Masters 10k Championships in Dedham, MA April 29th
Athena was first place W50 team Marisa Sutera Strange, Mary Swan, and Lorraine Jasper. Marisa 4th Master, 1st W50, 2nd Age Grade, Mary 1st W55 and Lorraine 3rd W55.

Doreen Startare McCoubrie at rainy Dexter Ann Arbor Run 1/2 Marathon Masters Championships 3rd overall female 1:30:10

Blue Cross Broad Street Run 
1st Master Abby Dean! 
Christy Peterson 1st W40, 4th Master 
Jodi Porter-Bass 10th W40 
Patty Heppelmann 3rd W45 
Julie Rachman Pangburn 6th W50 
Doreen Startare McCoubrie 1st W55 
Coreen Steinbach 1st W65

Rainy Boston Marathon 

Nancy Rollins 1st W70, Doreen Startare McCoubrie 2nd W55 and Terri Cassel 5th W55. 

USATF Masters Indoor Track Championships

Star of the meet was Coreen Steinbach winning the W65 400m 800m, 1500m and 3rd in the 200m.
Sandy Triolo won the W55 400m, 2nd 60m and 2nd 200m.
Terry Ballou W50 2nd 800m and 3rd 400m. 
Julie Hayden W55 2nd 800m, 3rd 400m and 3rd 1500m. 
Cheryl Bellaire W55 2nd 3K and 3rd 800m. 
Sonja Badger W50 2nd 1500m.  
Charmaine Roberts W50 3rd 200m (running with the flu)
Club Relays 2nd W50 4x200 (Sandy Cheryl, Sonja & Charmaine)
1st 4X400 (Terry, Julie, Sonja and Kathy Haubrich)

USATF Masters 8K Championships 

USATF Masterstrack 8K Championships Athena won W50 team. Marisa Sutera Strange overall winner and top W50. Doreen Startare McCoubrie won W55, 4th overall, Mary Swan 2nd W55 and Julie Pangburn 4th W50.

USATF Cross Country Club Masters Championships
Brutal conditions and very competitive with 118 top cross country runners ....... 29 degrees and 20 mph winds. But Athena finished 2nd W50 team by one point to The Janes. 
Marisa Sutera Strange 1st W50, 9th overall & 2nd age grade. 
W55 Lorraine Jasper 3rd, Mary Swan 7th & Cheryl Bellaire 12th.
Ali Kassens was 15th overall and 8th W40.

USATF Mid Atlantic Athena Track Club second LDR Grand Prix

Congrats to our friends at Greater Philadelphia Track Club for winningUSATF Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix. Athena Track Club was 2nd and Philadelphia Runner Track Club 3rd. 

Greater Philadelphia 3,365.938 (420.742 avg AG) 1st 
Athena Track Club 3,295.296 (411.912 avg AG) 2nd 
Philadelphia Runners 3,295.100 (411.887 avg AG) 3rd 

Age Group Standings(6 races score - 3 to count): 
W40's Marcie Heil 1st, Patty Hepplemann 3rd 
W45's Abby Dean 2nd, Carol Kolimago 3rd, Tara Smith 4th 
W50's Julie Pangburn 1st, Betsy Stewart 2nd 
W55's Doreen McCoubrie 2nd, Lorraine Jasper 3rd

USATF Annual Meeting Columbus, OH 
Awards Announced

Marisa Sutera Strange won Cross Country Master Athlete of Year and Long Distance age group winner! Lorraine Jasper was a age group winners in track and field!

Athena at NCCWMA Championships Toronto, Canada

Coreen Steinbach  W65 Gold 400m and 800m, Silver 1500m
Lorraine Jasper W55 Gold 400m, 800m and 1500m
Cheryl Bellaire W55 Gold Steeplechase, Bronze 300m hurdles and 800m
Sandy Triolo  W55 Silver 100m and 200m, Bronze 400m, Gold 4x100 and 4X400

USATF Mid Atlantic Awards Banquet 
Athena Track Club won LDR Grand Prix Adult Club of the Year!

Doreen Startare McCoubrie Masters Runner of Year! 
Julie Rachman Pangburn 3rd Overall Grand Prix and tied 1st W50 
Abby Dean 7th Overall Grand Prix and 1st W40 
Marcie Homan Heil 3rd W40 
Leslee Hoey 1st W45 
Lorraine Jasper tied Julie 1st W50, 2nd Grandmaster Off Road 
Mary Swan 2nd W55 
Cheryl Bellaire Excellence in Track and Field


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